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Encuentro Square


Located in one of the most unique areas within all of Chicago, the former Magid Glove headquarters site is particularly distinctive due to one key feature: its context. Located at a cross section of commercial buildings, residential units and transportation railways, the site serves as the joining connective tissue that merges three very different typologies together at one singular location. Among this context, however, is an element immediately adjacent that adds to this already distinctive location—the beginning and/or terminus of Chicago’s 606 Bloomingdale Trail. Located in the area that is less frequently visited in relation to its western portion, this linkage provides a unique gateway and thoroughfare directly to the east side of our city and vice versa.


The design plans for a phase I and a phase II scenario: phase I calling for 74 affordable units, and in phase II an additional 130 units. The entire master plan provides a distinctive campus environment where public park is thought of as an extension of the 606.


Logan Square, Chicago



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