Albany Terrace + McCoy Gaines Apartments


The Albany Terrace Apartments, owned by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), is a senior apartment building offering affordable housing in Chicago since its construction in 1974. The building includes 350 residential units, along with amenities including a community room, sitting room and exterior patios. It is a 206,635 SF, 17-story (148 ft high) building, located on a 6-acre site.


The objective of this renovation project, led by The Michaels Organization (TMO) and the Chicago Housing Authority as developer and Canopy as architect, is to make improvements to the building, including alterations to the site, building envelope, building interiors and building MEP systems. These improvements will focus on TMO’s, CHA’s and the design team’s shared mission to provide safe, sustainable and affordable housing for the communities we serve.


Mashall Square, Chicago


Chicago Housing Authority (CHA)

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