Director of Operations and Marketing

Nora Catlin

Nora Catlin, Director of Operations + Marketing

Nora Catlin graduated from Oberlin College in 2017, where she studied environmental studies and religion, with a particular focus on sustainable urbanism and environmental ethics. More recently, she has received a certificate in Graphic Design Specialization from California Institute of the Arts and certificate in Editing from the Poynter Institute. Prior to joining Canopy, Nora was the Creative Director at Marlowe Fine Art, a small collection management firm based in Chicago, and Program Director at a radio station in Oberlin, Ohio, both of which provided the opportunity to sharpen her office management skills and serve as a creative force in a team setting.

Since joining Canopy, Nora has taken leadership in steering office-wide initiatives as well as providing a new perspective to projects. Nora’s continued curiosity in sustainable urban design and building strong communities is echoed in the mission of Canopy. She looks forward to enhancing her knowledge of architecture and design, and considering an inclusive and sustainable future for cities like Chicago. Outside of the studio, Nora spends her time writing, going on bike rides and baking bread.


Certificate in Editing, Poynter Institute

Certificate in Graphic Design, California Institute of the Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Oberlin College

312.763.8005 x101

Nora Catlin, Director of Operations + Marketing

In a parallel universe, what would your profession be?

A farmer

Best Halloween costume?

I was a leaf bag in 2004. It was a last minute costume but probably the best yet.

Ideal superpower?

Elastic body

If you could be any material, what would you be?

Shards of glass

If you could live in another era, which would you choose?

The 1960s for sure—great style, the best music, and arguably the most important decade of the 20th century socio-politically

The best trip you've taken?

Walking the Camino de Santiago with a close friend then spending a week in Berlin

What music do you listen to while working towards a deadline?

Chicago or Detroit house music. Except then I want to get up and dance, which isn’t ideal when on a deadline…

Dream retirement location?

American Southwest, desert

Where do you go for inspiration?

A walk at dusk to look at buildings or sit by a big body of water

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