Senior Associate

Irma Ayala

Born and raised in Mexico City, Irma Ayala studied architecture at the National University of Mexico. She graduated to work with architecture firms across Mexico City, before moving to Chicago in 2006 to continue developing her perspective.   

In her more than 10 years of domestic and international architecture experience, Irma has worked on projects at all phases and of all types, ranging from new construction to renovation to interior design. She has a special interest in single and multifamily housing, commercial high-rises, industrial spaces and the hospitality, retail and education sectors. 

Irma enjoys learning about people’s varying backgrounds, as it allows her to design with a more global sense and to fulfill her passion of creating substantive designs that reflect the identity of her clients.


Bachelor of Architecture, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico


312.763.8005 x109

What was your first job?

Receptionist at my childhood church

Where do you feel most at home?

When I visit my mom’s house in Mexico City

What is your beverage of choice?

Piña Colada, Topo Chico or sake

What motivated you to become an architect?

Going to a restaurant when I was 6 years old and wanting to change the layout and design of the space

One word that best represents Canopy's culture?

Honesty. People seem to be real and honest between each other.

A hobby you spend a lot of time on outside of work?

Walking (if that is considered a hobby)

If you had to be a Star Wars character?

I would love to be Boba Fett, but I think I look more like C-3PO

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