Project Designer

Charlotte Elo


Charlotte Elo received her Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities in December of 2019, and Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in December of 2022. Charlotte is LEED Green Associate certified and carries experience in commercial and sustainable design projects. She is interested in ways that architecture can transcend the built environment and how architects can design things at various scales that may not fit into the category of “capital A architecture.” Charlotte aims to design buildings and projects that connect communities with a sense of place and have a positive social and environmental impact.


Master of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

312.763.8005 x103

Where do you feel most at home?

At my childhood home in Deer Park. My parents built the house and I’ve lived there my entire life.

What is your beverage of choice?

Olipop, specifically the strawberry vanilla flavor.

What is a hobby you spend a lot of time on outside of work?

I recently spent a month working on knitting a scarf that is now becoming a pillowcase (it was too short and I’m not very good at knitting.)

What motivated you to become an architect?

I was fascinated by how architecture can become the culmination of so many different things (culture, music, literature, art, etc.)

Ideal superpower?

Teleportation. I get impatient in traffic.

What is the best trip you've taken?

When I spent 3 weeks learning how to watercolor paint in Greece.

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