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Jaime Torres Carmona, Principal (Canopy) appointed to UIUC School of Architecture’s Alumni Advisory Board

Jaime Torres Carmona, Principal, has been appointed to UIUC’s School of Architecture’s Inaugural Alumni Advisory Board.

The University of Illinois School of Architecture today announced the formation of its first Alumni Advisory Board as well as its ten inaugural members. The board will serve in an advisory capacity to the school and newly appointed director, Francisco Rodriguez-Suarez, working to foster communication and networking between students, faculty, and alumni as well as within the broader professional community.

The Alumni Board has founded and generously funded the Alumni Board Design Excellence Awards, an awards program for the top graduate work for each academic semester. The board will assist in serving as jury members for the awards.

“I am honored to be collaborating with such an outstanding and diverse group of architects, especially as we seek to enlarge the school’s footprint and relevance in the city of Chicago. These prestigious ambassadors represent the Illinois brand with the utmost sense of excellence, and I am thrilled to share our studios and classrooms with their expertise and ideas. While the current composition benefits from our proximity to Chicago, it is our intention for the board to evolve into a national and eventually an international representation. I am grateful for their leadership, especially Board Chair Trina Sandschafer’s commitment to make it a reality.” -Francisco Rodriguez-Suarez, director of the School of Architecture

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