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1111 W 16th St receives LEED Gold award

In December 2018, two years after final completion of the 1111 W. 16th Street home, the project received a LEED Gold certificate! The 1111 LEED Home is equipped with a high-efficiency gas fired furnace with an energy recovery ventilator, humidifier, and economizer to maximize indoor air quality and energy efficiency. In addition, vertical stacks of operable windows were designed along the west and northern exposures to provide a seasonal alternative to providing fresh air into the home during more temperate months. All materials and systems (floors, walls, roofs, doors, windows, interior and exterior finishes) were sourced from within 400 miles of the site.

The environmental approach is to use every exterior ground surface as a porous membrane to allow rain runoff to slowly percolate back to underground stormwater management systems. Inside, activity is centered around the kitchen in both units. Natural lighting, ventilation, and thermal control serve as the organizing tools for both mechanical systems and fenestration, expressed visually through a set of wooden bays. The exterior palette is simple, inexpensive and easy to maintain; fully-thermally broken staggered stud insulated framing, regional wood siding, and local cement board rain screens and siding. From a performance standpoint, 1111 has been rated at 0.87 ACH@ 50 pascals—near Passive Haus standard. All exterior materials are manufactured continentally and meet LEED Homes criteria. Through its design, 1111 will serve as a catalyst for an affordable, modern, green home for many years to come.

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