2-Unit Merge

This project calls for the merging of 2 existing townhomes to convert into one modern urban home in the heart of Lincoln Park neighborhood. The concept calls for the re-organization of all 3 existing floor levels into 3 new zones– a “living” zone on the main floor, “sleeping” zone on the 2nd floor, and an “entertainment” zone on the 3rd floor/rooftop. A new central stair becomes the primary connecting element for all 3 floors, filtering circulation and natural light.

The “living” level features an open plan for living, dining, and a variety of ancillary functions. Secondary functions such as a family room, home office, and storage are also balanced within the “living” zone.  The “sleeping” zone focuses on the relationship between bedrooms and bathrooms in an attempt to provide the optimum comfort for the master suite and secondary bedrooms. The “entertainment” zone on the rooftop offers various outdoor activities while enjoying an unobstructed view of the Chicago skyline. A retractable roof and operable exterior walls are designed as a “3 seasons” room to provide flexibility for year around use.

From an environmental standpoint, this project will introduce an enhanced fresh indoor airflow system as well as replacement high energy-efficiency heating and cooling systems to reduce energy costs and increase indoor air quality. Material and system selections will emphasize low embodied energy, reclaimed/recycled content, as well as rapidly renewable qualities. Stormwater collection will be provided through the use of an extensive vegetated roofing system.