Newberry Park Apartments

Newberry Park Apartments is an existing 84-unit housing development planned as an occupied rehabilitation project. A multi-family rehabilitation project of this scale calls for the assessment and evaluation of the design and performance qualities of both the building and site components to thoroughly address both short- and long-term needs.

At the start of the project, a property needs assessment (PNA) determined the “must-do” improvements such as kitchen and bath replacements, as well as other building performance needs such as roof replacement, masonry tuckpointing, and mechanical system improvements. For the mechanical systems, the project team investigated a set of options to improve indoor air quality and heating/cooling distribution throughout the dwelling units and common areas. Each set of options were quickly evaluated against contractor pricing and energy performance data to establish viable project scope.

A similar iterative process was established for other aspects of the project. Whether investigating low-embodied energy materials such as bio-based floor tile, rapidly renewable materials such as rubber tree-based cabinetry, or renewable energy systems such a solar photovoltaic panels– all scoped new and replacement materials and systems were carefully evaluated, keeping the end-user, cost, constructability, life cycle/performance, and aesthetics in mind.

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Structural Engineer:

CE Anderson

General Contractor:



Newberry Park Preservation Assoc. LP