Senior Associate

Catherine Varnas

  • Registered Architect in Illinois
Catherine Varnas, Senior Project Architect

Catherine Varnas joined Canopy in 2019 as a Project Architect. Prior to joining the team, she received her Master of Architecture from Roger Williams University in 2013. At school she worked on an interdisciplinary team that identified underutilized historical buildings, engaged with local groups and stakeholders, and re-imagined these structures as new facilities that could better serve their communities and surroundings. After graduating she went on to work on K-12 educational projects and a variety of other building typologies. She is enthusiastic about architecture that can impact a community through good design.

Outside of work, Catherine strengthens her design abilities through oil painting inspired by her travels. She is an avid reader and often spends her weekends with her husband trying to discover the best places to read.


Master of Architecture, Roger Williams University

Bachelor of Science, Roger Williams University

312.763.8005 x104

Catherine Varnas, Senior Project Architect

In a parallel universe, what would your profession be?

Growing up I was fascinated by Amelia Earhart, so definitely a pilot

Best Halloween costume?

Mary Poppins

What motivated you to become an architect?

My love of art—I wanted to do something that was technical but still artistic. For me, architecture is a perfect blend of the two.

Favorite pump-up song?

Unashamed Kesha fan—and definitely Tik Tok

One word that best represents Canopy's culture?

Vibrant—I feel we are a young firm that is nimble and always trying to look forwards, aesthetically and culturally

A hobby you spend a lot of time on outside of work?

Painting and drawing. I love working on pieces that take weeks, or just making marks and doodling.

Thing you're most competitive about?

Tetris, I am very good at Tetris

Where do you go for inspiration?

Walks along the lake, through Lincoln Park

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