Project Coordinator

Adeeba Arastu

Adeeba Arastu, Project Coordinator

Adeeba Arastu joined Canopy in May of 2020. She has a passion for architecture and design to empower communities and engage with ideas of identity, justice and placemaking. 

Adeeba received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Ohio State University. Her ideas about urban architecture and placemaking are shaped by her study abroad experiences and travels in Europe, East and South Asia and the Middle East. 

Prior to working at Canopy, Adeeba worked on student housing projects around the Midwest, experience design for business conferences and as a resident liaison for an artist residency program. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, gardening and traveling.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University

Adeeba Arastu, Project Coordinator

What is your favorite season?

When I was a kid, my favorite season was winter (I grew up where there was a lot of snow!), but now it’s the summer. I love the energy in the community—the farmers markets and street festivals, and I love going to the beach.

Best Halloween costume?

Rich widow whose husband died “under mysterious circumstances”

What motivated you to become an architect?

The environments we live in have a lot of influence on what kind of resources, knowledge and power we can access. I wanted to be an advocate for people to help build places that were just, that respected their dignity and reflected their values.

Ideal superpower?


If you could be any material, what would you be?

I’m really into textiles, so I’d actually choose a kind of fabric—maybe linen or leather

Best trip you've taken?

Last year I went on my first solo international trip (I came home a week before quarantine started!). I spent 10 days in Jordan and a week in Istanbul.

Dog or cat person?

Rabbit person. I love cats though.

A hobby you spend a lot of time on outside of work?

I love to bake! I experiment with new flavors and try to come up with my own recipes. I’m most at home making pies, but I also make a great cream puff. I’m also an artist—digital and traditional (mostly ink and watercolor).

Favorite book?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

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