At Canopy, we embrace these guiding principles as a means to deliver projects that meet and exceed client expectations.

Communication begins every relationship and feeds every project – with the client, end user, design team, etc. It is the lifeblood of any endeavor and architecture is no exception.

Collaboration must be authentic to be useful. Listening, questioning and acknowledging multiple perspectives is the greatest challenge of our collective approach, but we believe that brilliant outcomes are well worth the effort.

Relationship between team members, the project and its context, the end user and the designed space become the fabric of every project, the woven construct that strengthens both the people and the places we serve.

Research is an imperative if we are to journey toward the best, most informed solutions. Curiosity and investigation reveal, explore, and resolve both challenges and fresh ideas.

Leadership ensures movement forward, effectively meeting timelines and budgets, as well as the realization of a vision.

Actively integrating research with creativity, resources with climate, user with experience, function with beauty – this is working with Canopy.