Salud Center in South Chicago

The new Salud Center Project will provide renewed amenities and base building functions for 101 units of existing senior housing apartments in the South Chicago neighborhood. Preservation of Affordable Housing working alongside Claretian Associates as joint project partners will own and operate an 150,000SF building formerly owned and operated by the YMCA. Enhanced amenities will include new vegetative gardens, exercise pool, gymnasium, walking paths, and seating areas as well as a fitness center, multi-purpose room, interior lounges for senior tenants.

To diversify the program, Claretian and Associates will set up their new offices as well as host a variety of other supportive community organizations. As the project is receiving financing from IHDA as well as the City of Chicago, our project team is working with the Enterprise Green Communities Certification program to establish green design rehab goals. The project seeks to sustain itself as the community heart of South Chicago as well as serve new and long-term residents of the senior apartments.