ENLACE: Mixed use Project

Our concept for this invited competition calls for the merging of 3 Chicago-based non-profit organizations to create new opportunities to establish sparks of interaction and new linkages between them.

A day care facility, elementary school, and community arts program were identified as the primary functions to be housed within an existing 3-story masonry structure. The intent is to maintain a careful balance between autonomous and overlapping functions, establishing a 3-story atrium as the central binding element with a dual function of providing controlled access to the various shared components of the building.

Sustainable design features are introduced throughout the facility for a lighter environmental footprint with lowered operational costs.  Vertical fins on the east and west facade reduce early solar heat gain and sun glare.  The atrium roof contains operable panels to provide passive air conditioning and photovoltaic panels to help offset the building’s expected electrical loads.

structural engineer:

Goodfriend Magruder Structure

LEED certification:

Silver (targeted)