CEDA Weatherization – Grant Studies

Working within the national Weatherization program locally in Cook County with CEDA, we have conducted Energy Assessments developing work orders for energy efficiency improvements for homeowners and small building owners throughout the Chicago land area. As part of the process, Quality Assurance reviews were conducted with contractor coordination ensuring projects were delivered to meet national program standards.

Building of America Project

in collaboration with Building Science Corporation (BSC)

Funding Limits: $15,000 per house

Funding Sourch: U.S. Dept. of Energy

Number of houses: 10

Study Description:

The collaborating team identified innovative Weatherization measures to improve energy efficiency for masonry structures. The ubiquitous 1 ½ story Chicago Bungalow was chosen due to its difficulty in achieving good air sealing results and related energy efficiency. Two strategies were tested: (1) insulate the attic rafters bringing a livable attic space into the conditioned space or (2) focus on air sealing and insulating the attic floor.  The process and improvements were monitored, tracked, and documented to relay critical information for the National Weatherization organization to determine improved methods to deal with masonry buildings.

SERC Grant

Sustainable Energy Resource Grant for Consumers

Funding Limits: $12,000 per house

Funding Source: U.S. Dept. of Energy

Number of houses: 200

Study Description:

The grant funded an investigation of innovative strategies to improve energy efficiency for masonry buildings.  Managed through the Multi-Family Department of CEDA Weatherization, if focused on (3) different building types:  large scale multi-family buildings (assessing high efficiency window replacement), 2-4 unit masonry buildings (assessing exterior insulation over cladding), and detached single family masonry homes (assessing installation of Tri-polymer sidewall insulation).

Health-V Study

Collaboration with National Center for Healthy Housing and University of Illinois (Chicago) Public School of Health

Funding Limits: $5,200(Wx) + $700(ventilation) / house

Funding Source:  U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Design

Number of houses: 28

Study Description:

The grant analyzed the effects of Weatherization work on indoor air quality for residential units to determine best ventilation practices to include when providing energy efficient improvements. Advanced diagnostic testing was used to assess air quality and how internal air moved throughout a building by measuring pre- and post- Weatherization work. The results of the study will be used to inform and advise future Weatherization work on best practices to assure healthy and safe indoor environments are delivered as part of energy efficiency work.

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Project Manager:

Burke Greenwood

General Contractor: