Baker Fellowship: Climate-based design in Germany

This Building research study aims to provide a broader perspective into Germany’s approach to environmentally conscious design, mainly through the building envelope. Concentration was placed on value-based initiatives through a series of case studies addressing energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, installation, modularity, and aesthetics. Project case studies covered multi-family residential, office, and public buildings, in order to capture the wide spectrum of emerging technologies. Through both low and high-tech solutions, this study provided a strong set of tested sustainability approaches for climates similar to the US Midwest.

Concurrent with this building envelope research component, Jaime performed a series of interviews with three German architecture firms (Sauerbruch + Hutton, Gatermann + Schossig, and Behnisch Architects) in order to obtain a deeper understanding of their approach to these design solutions. This study was presented at a series of academic venues, such as Northwestern University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign, Judson University, and the Energy Center of Wisconsin.

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